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I finally got my Reolink RLC-410W camera! Installed it today and configured it through the Reolink client.

So far, i really like it. I am running IPTimeLaspe to capture my images...

One question, i can only get 640x352 resolution to come across from IPTimeLapse.

The 410W is configure for CLEAR and 2560*1440. What am i missing here?   ](*,)


I have 3 410S cams.  My weathercam ftp's to
In the Reolink Device settings ftp, make sure the max file length is not see too low.
Also, some webcam sites do not provide high-res snap-shots as part of their "free" service.

Good luck!

What are your settings?  I keep getting unknown file type on

Hello Jeff.  I now use a R-Pi 4 to capture 4k images from an Amcrest IPM8 28mm POE Outdoor Camera every 15 sec and upload to my site.  I use Linux bash scripts to capture the image then I overlay weather info from my METEOBRIDGE + local radar image using FFMPEG.  I'm not a S/W guy but learned how to do it anyway.  Really happy with the outcome - reliable and info just the way I want it!
See attached and the images at
Note, the R-Pi also creates 7hr timelapse videos that updates every 15min.  Check that on my site too.
If interested I can share my scripts with you.
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