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Camstream alternative?

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I can verify Netcam studio also does work with android. For some reason webcam7 I'm now having issues with streaming anything outside my network. Something I don't understand most likely in the generated html even though it was working last night. 


--- Quote from: ke9lz on January 20, 2015, 10:54:06 AM ---Yes I have looked at it but I have almost 30 cameras and don't know if it would handle it.  I like Imagesalsa because it is very stable and handles my system very well and does everything that I want.  If need be I would look into switching but guess I am I die hard with IS since I have been using it from the beginning since Jason made it.

--- End quote ---

Chris from Capeweather here on the forums has quite a few running on Webcam 7 I believe.

Well I did some looking around and found a Ajax script that might due the trick.  I have it up and running on my server and seems to work fine with my android phone along with IE, Firefox and Chrome but since I have no Apple stuff I would like to know if it works on there systems also.  Can some one check and see if it is working with Apple products?  The web address is .  If it works I plan to clean up the code and use it on my site.  The script is limited to 1 frame per second but I don't see that as a problem.  I have looked at other webcam software and find that there isn't anything that compares to Imagesalsa so hoping to breath new life into it.

Andy G:
My iPhone 6 shows the page but the main content area is blank


Andy G:
It also seems to be taking a long time to load my weather homepage loads way faster than the page you linked to on your site.


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