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Camstream alternative?

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I have been using Imagesalsa and Camstream Applet V1.5 to stream my webcams for years without a hitch but have noticed that it will not work with android phones and others.  Has anyone put together a newer script that can be used on multiple platforms and work with Imagesalsa? 

George Richardson:

Not sure this will help because I can't get any more on my desktop browser (FF 34), but I get my stream via Dolphin w/ Jetpack browser for android.



Hi George and thanks.  I have seen that and it works but for a lot of the viewers of my web sites it's an unknown step for them to take.  With adobe flash no longer being available for android I can see this as being more and more of a problem.  It still works fine in windows but figured I would start looking for alternatives.

Webcam 7 streams can be used on Android and desktop. I've got my cams streaming with it.

Yes I have looked at it but I have almost 30 cameras and don't know if it would handle it.  I like Imagesalsa because it is very stable and handles my system very well and does everything that I want.  If need be I would look into switching but guess I am I die hard with IS since I have been using it from the beginning since Jason made it.


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