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Weather Warnings in Image Salsa


I am running Image salsa and I was wondering if there was a code that i could put in to put the warning Description on the image.

Thank you for your time,

Matthew Conklin

I'm still running VWS vs 10.23 so I will play ignorant when it comes to any recent features -- which I presume the warnings are from.

If you are using the Scripting or Weather edition, have a look at the NewTags script on the support page (  Basically, you need to generate a file with the description and then use the script to replace <TAG001> with the file.  Note that the script is expecting a comma-delimited file.  So, if the warning has commas in it, then the warning will be split into multiple tags.  You can remedy this by replacing the comma delimiter in the file with a non-used character.

If the text is longer than the width of your canvas, you will need to split the text into multiple text lines.  That's a lot more complicated (coding wise) -- let's take this one step at a time and make sure I'm at least on the right track so far :)

Thanks I will try that this weekend.


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