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Image Salsa - Missing <csvsec> value - always "00"


I am having a problem with Image Salsa. I am trying to insert the current time into my webcam image. I can successfully insert the hours and minutes but the seconds always show as "00". This used to work just fine but I've noticed lately that the seconds don't show up in the captured image.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is occuring? I've attached a screen capture of my settings. It's line #16 in the attached image. I must be missing something but I'm not sure where to look for an answer.

I have noticed that data.csv (and data2.csv) files always seems to be showing only a "0" in the seconds field so that may be the reason but I don't know how to correct that. See attached images of both of these files.

Also, I've finally gotten my webcam image and data streaming to my website but I notice that the seconds are always "00" and don't follow the actual time. Again, I'm expecting that all of these symptoms are indications of the problem. I'm just not smart enough to figure out what is wrong or what needs to be changed to make it work again.

Perhaps it's just old age setting in...  ](*,)

You could pull the time from the computer instead of the csv file.


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