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Hi All,  Just noticed that after the latest flash upgrade I have lost the ability to view my cam streams that use CamStream Applet V1.5.  On one computer I don't have the lastest update and the other has not so I have been able to determine that something has changed in the latest update.  Anyone else seeing this problem?  Here is a link to one of my streams  What I see is the stream starts and then stops after a few seconds with the new flash update and works fine with the older version of flash.  I have visited other sites that use the applet and see the same results.


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have you tried restarting the browser?
(long shot)

Just tried the link you posted and it worked fine. The streams on my web site are also working fine with the latest update.


Yep, did a reboot on the computer and still the same problem.  Checked the version of flash on the working computer and it has ver and the computer that isn't working with freshly installed flash has 11.5.502.110.  I might add both computers are running Win 7 with explorer 9 on them.  Firefox works on the computer with the updated flash but when I look at the version of flash while using firefox it is an older one.

Alright, I just took the plunge and updated the working computer and now it is experiencing the same problem so my guess is that the new version is breaking the applet.


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