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According to my latest CWOP summary:,

my temperature readings are a bit warm. I have situated the ISS in an ideal spot according to the CWOP set up guide. Do you think I should invest in a fan-aspirated shield?

A FARS can only help, I would also upgrade to the latest version of VPLive

I do have the latest version of VP Live :)


--- Quote from: "weathergirl" ---Do you think I should invest in a fan-aspirated shield?
--- End quote ---

Personally, I wouldn't.  You may simply need to calibrate your sensor... or perhaps your readings truly are different from everyone else's... the proverbial "microclimate".  While a FARS will increase the accuracy of your readings, the difference may not justify the cost.

It looks like your readings are about a degree warmer at night and three degrees warmer during the day than the analysis.  The first thing I'd try is to get a calibrated thermometer and site it close to your station, and compare readings on a cloudy day or at night.  If there is a difference between the two, you can offset your station's temperature by the difference.

It's also possible that another station in your area could be throwing off the analysis.

Thanks, Kevin, I'll give that a try. Also, I do live in a microclimate.


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