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0 Degree weather station readings

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Mark / Ohio:

--- Quote from: "Bruiser" ---Good point.....I am using VWSaprs along with WSWin 2.93.8 to send CWOP data....I could try VPLive and see if this solves it....Unfortunately we probably will not get to zero or lower here after this morning..
--- End quote ---

I'll save you the trouble.   :lol:

I'm using VP Live now.  Since Steve already visited a problem recently with below zero values I figure if it was something in the software he would have solved it already.  Since your using VWSAPRS and seeing it too that convinces me it must be the decoding on CWOP's end.

I hardly ever check my data on cwop. So I don't know if I have had this problem or not. I get quality control reports every day. So if I don't see anything weird I don't check my data. And hopefuly our below o weather is over also.


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