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0 Degree weather station readings

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I have noticed on the graphing of some CWOPs weather station plots that when the temp is 0 degrees, the graphing is broken up.  It does not go through the 0 degree line.  Weird...Hope this makes sense.

Here is the link:

Mark / Ohio:
I've also noticed if the temp is 0F it does not show up on the current conditions page at the top again until it is +- 1F.  Kind of looks like their software discards the value 0 as a failed sensor.

I agree Mark.....This also causes the CWOPS place file for the Grlevel3 radar product to not display the stations until a non-zero reading occurs....Annoying...

The first question I have to as is. How are you sending your data to CWOP? The problem may lie with the program you are using to send the data.

Good point.....I am using VWSaprs along with WSWin 2.93.8 to send CWOP data....I could try VPLive and see if this solves it....Unfortunately we probably will not get to zero or lower here after this morning..


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