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Don't Worry Too Much About 2 Thumbs & 100%

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I just looked at Philip Gladstone's own station and even he does not always achieve perfection.;days=28#Data

That's probably because other stations, not properly calibrated, are bringing him down.  ''Don't bring me down.''  ELO :?:

W Thomas:
That goes to show how susupect to fault the QC program can be :)
Mine goes fine for awhile and then the big X
There has never been anything I could do to help it except once so I just wait...maybe not quietly and it returns eventually.


--- Quote from: MadALwx on January 27, 2009, 11:26:25 AM ---''Don't bring me down.''  ELO :?:

--- End quote ---

"Don't Bring Me Down" The Animals would be a better fit...

"... it makes me feel like giving up
because my best just ain't good enough...

 \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

Yep.  My bP and day/night temps will be fine for a while, then start ''drifting''.  I don't worry, because I know it will return.  The baro seems to be the most affected.  Probably due to fronts, the radius of surrounding sensors, their ability to accurately represent the bp, and of course, their accuracy.   The more sensors, the less ''drift'', regardless of the accuracy.


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