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It says use this  as the server for now.
All CWOP members are encouraged to use "" with either port 14580 or port 23 to reach Gerry's server and to follow the recommendations of item #1 of the CWOP FAQ.

It says that in both notices.

I'm sure glad I send mine out over RF. :)

Mark / Ohio:

--- Quote from: SLOweather on February 09, 2008, 07:52:13 PM ---I'm sure glad I send mine out over RF. :)

--- End quote ---

Show off... :lol:

I switched VPLive to manual and to tonight when I got home from work to see what would happen.  So far it is still working like it has all along other than I see CWOP-1 in the list now occasionally which I did not see before.  I think that is one of the new CWOP servers Gerry is putting into operation.  I think he has solved the problems or at least part of them he was having earlier in the day with it.

Jim's Wx Sta:
I only upload to CWOP every 30 minutes.  Last week about half my report attempts failed using the defaulted rotate.  I switched to the recommended cwop address Friday evening and have had no failures since.

I'm glad that Ocala keeps the rest of us informed!!! =D&gt;

I always forget to see what those folks are up to and what they want us to do this week.


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