Author Topic: Has anyone used this power supply for a RED or BLUE station?  (Read 990 times)

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I have seen Marlin P. Jones in business for a long time, and is an interesting source for all sorts of fun stuff, along with the mundane.

I ran across this today, and wonder if anyone has used this power supply, how noisy it is, and other concerns.

At 4 amps I assume it is a switcher, but have no idea how quiet it is, or if it really can be expected to put out that kind of current.

The other neat thing is it has a plug to USB power adapter cable that would save having to order a power supply and do some minor surgery to convert a plug to a USB type that fits.

If this is a quiet, reliable supply, I can see for this price that it might be helpful to builders of not only Arduino and RaspPi systems, but also for the RED and BLUE lightning devices.

Anyone with experience?  I'm thinking of ordering one, they are inexpensive enough, and if and when I get one, what would be a good way to test it out?  A variable load would be nice and watch the ripple on an oscilloscope plus watch the voltage as the load is ramped up, but what else would be easy to test and a telling specification to observe?

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Re: Has anyone used this power supply for a RED or BLUE station?
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At $9.95 it would be hard to go wrong with it unless the output is really noisy. The only real way to test any power supply is to connect it to the equipment you want it for and then look at the results. If you have a RED, you can simply log-in to the web interface and view the 5v power display. A scope would obviously be the best way to see the output.
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