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Davis VP1 spares and green dot USB logger for sale (works with VP2 & VUE)


Having taken down my VP1 after 15 years as much of it was failing (rain gauge, anemometer and temp outdoors).

I have rescued the circuit board which is relatively new. It was purchased as a spare in 2014 from Weather Spares but only installed recently (like about 9-12 months ago) as the old one was quite damaged after 14 years in the VP1! This board has no visible damage on it and was about the only things still working! So if it is of any use to anyone PM me with a sensible offer.

I also have the VP1 console including original PSU available if it is of any use to anyone, again PM me with a sensible offer.

Lastly I have a USB datalogger (green dot) one of the recent 3rd party ones which works in a VP2/VUE purchased in 2017 but only used for about last 8 months, again PM me with a sensible offer.

I really dont want to post outside the UK as it is quite expensive. P&P will be at cost and payment can be Paypal (as a gift) or bank transfer (I'll PM the details if sale agreed). This is also posted on the weather-watch forum.



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