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Playing with vvpro in isolation

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Garth Bock:
Okay..I got bored being holed up at the house so I decided to see how far VVpro would go. Here are some pics of running as many weather programs as possible. It is running WxSolution (demo), Weather Tracker,  Weatherview 32 and Weatherlink on comm ports and Cumulus, Weather Display and VWS on TCIP.  The first four programs only connect on comm ports. After 30 minutes  Weatherview 32, VWS and Cumulus drop offline followed by Weather Display after that. Everything else keeps running. WxSolution seems to only update every 7 minutes. Please note that this was just for fun and not a critique of the mentioned programs.

any idea why they quit? or is that still under investigation

I've been running two instances of VVP for years now (to have various weather software to work with the template sets).

My old wired VP1+ has a serial connection (via optoisolator) to VVP on the WX system, and a second instance on the development system (chained via TCP).  This allows me to run up to 15 separate WX software.

Garth Bock:
I knew you would be the one to max it out.  :grin:

Garth Bock:
Here is mine


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