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From our forecast discussion
« on: December 01, 2016, 10:46:42 PM »
The cold airmass parked over the interior of Alaska combined with
mostly clear skies continue to produce very cold temperatures over
the western interior with many locations dropping to 40 below
again over night whereas clouds and snow have moderated the
temperatures considerably over the central and eastern interior.

A cold front extending from an weak low currently over the Bering
Strait extends south to near Nome and the lower YK Delta. A band
of snow showers along the front has diminished as the front pushes
eastward over Norton Sound and as the front pushes inland along
the Seward Peninsula and lower YK Delta.

Models continue to indicate the potential for well below normal
temperatures remaining over the western interior and returning
again to the central and eastern interior as clouds and precipitation
diminish over the central interior Sunday and the eastern interior
Monday. The cold temperatures will likely continue into the middle
of next week. Once skies clear Sunday and Monday, temperatures
have the potential to drop into the 30s and 40s below over much of
the interior. Coldest locations especially over the eastern
interior have the potential to drop to 50 below. Very high
surface pressure in excess of 1050 mb will develop over eastern
Alaska Sunday and Monday and will likely push Altimeter settings
in excess of 31.00Hg.

 With the  high barometer  lot of airport will go to VFR rules only  and that can slow down travel in the area of this cold. Lot of smaller airports are  just VFR  anyways in the Bush.