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There is a Windows 10 issue that affects weather enthusiasts that use Davis’ Weatherlink software (including the latest, 6.0.3) to upload their PWS data to CWOP! CWOP posts data from PWS users using 6 distinct computer servers (each server is designated a name--CWOP-1, CWOP-2, etc.) to receive such data from users. CWOP wants users to randomly use each of these servers to “spread the wealth” by ensuring no one server is overloaded. Further, occasionally, a server must be taken offline and if a user is only posting data to server CWOP-6, for example, and it has been taken out of service (e.g., for maintenance) for a week or so, that user will not have any data posted online at CWOP for that week. In Weatherlink, you are instructed to upload your data to “” and CWOP will randomly have one of 6 servers receive the data—unless you are using Windows 10. For some unknown reason, my Windows 10 computers (I have two of them-each has the same issue) will pick a single CWOP computer to upload data from my PWS, and it will not rotate among the 6 CWOP servers. I have tried restarting Weatherlink, and even rebooting the computer and each time my PWS data is uploaded to the same CWOP server, putting me at risk of my data not being posted for the reasons explained previously. A station that uploads its data to CWOP can determine whether or not this issue affects them. On the far left hand side of the individual CWOP page, there is the heading “Raw APRS Data”, seen here on my station page:

If you click on that hot link, you are taken to a page that shows which CWOP server received your data and its contents--temperature, etc. For example, a listing on that page re my station follows which includes the data submitted from my PWS and which server received my data—CWOP-6 in my situation.


In my case, my Windows 10 computer is only posting data to CWOP-6. If I switch to a Windows 7 computer, it works properly—randomly using CWOP-1 through 6. Posting my data to a single CWOP server was brought to my attention by Ted Lum from CWOP. After some detective work, this issue has been submitted to Davis support. I believe this issue only affects users that upload their data to CWOP via Weatherlink on a Windows 10 computer.

While not a critical issue per se, something that should be corrected, presumably by Davis. However, if Davis does not have a lot of other issues to address or correct in Weatherlink, I doubt that a separate update will be published solely for this issue. Version 6.0.3 has been around for some time, specifically, February 26, 2013!
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This is not likely to be the answer to your question, but just in case anyone else looking at this thread might confuse it with other Weatherlink and Windows 10 issues, then you're welcome to look at the comments on our Davis knowledgebase re Windows 10 at:
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