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Midland WR-300 high pitched squeal on all weather channels

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After 1.5 yrs of good service, my radio now makes a high pitched squeal on all weather channels.  Everything else works fine.  Anyone else have this problem?  I can't believe (according to the back of the manual) that Midland charges a flat 45 buck repair fee PLUS a 7.50 return shipping fee PLUS the cost of sending it back to them!  This far exceeds the cost of a new unit via (about 48 bucks, free shipping).  I wrote an email to Midland bemoaning this, but am not holding out a lot of hope they offer a more reasonable solution.
If they don't budge, can anyone offer a suggestion for a competitor model with similar features?  I'll repost if and when Midland responds to my email.  I'm really getting sick of this disposable consumable mentality that has evolved in my lifetime. :evil:

The reply from Midland customer service:

--- Quote ---Thank you for contacting us.
The radio has a year warranty through us if it is not under warranty we charge a 45.00 fee for us to replace it since we do not repair the radios. If you only hear a high pitch tone on all the channels it seems like there is a problem with the radio normally when you are picking up a bad signal you will hear something like static.

--- End quote ---
My reply to that:
Thanks for your prompt response.  Wow, it doesn't sound like Midland expects it's products to last much longer than a year.  I'll be sharing that with the thousands of other potential weather radio buyers that typically research this product at Wxforum, Amazon, etc. etc.  I'll be replacing the radio.  With a Reecom brand product.  I'm sort of glad this radio failed when it did.  I almost bought ANOTHER Midland product (portable weather radio).  Then I would have been stuck with TWO bricks down the road!

UPDATE:  Midland customer service manager emailed me today very concerned about this failure.  Offered to send me another one at no charge despite being out of warranty a short time.  I will have to give kudos to Midland, they stand behind their equipment.  Guess I won't be switching brands for awhile. =D>

I checked my WR-300 yesterday when it did not alert for a thunderstorm warning and it is doing the EXACT same thing... high pitched squeal on the weather channels. It sounds like a feedback loop. #-o Mine is about the same age as yours.

You are not alone.  I heard of many others at the reviews saying same thing.  All I can say is squeaky wheel gets the grease!  Write to the customer service MANAGER at Midland.  Don't bother with a rep, they will just tell you that you need to buy a new radio basically.  Good luck.


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