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WARNING for Aleutian Chain
« on: February 27, 2010, 06:57:13 AM »
Warning Description: Tsunami Advisory

Warning Date: 2:55 am PST on February 27, 2010

WarningSum:...A Tsunami Advisory Is In Effect Which Includes The
   Coastal Areas Of Alaska From Kodiak Alaska To Attu

Warning Message:Persons in tsunami advisory areas should move out of the
water... off the beach and out of harbors and marinas.
Tsunami advisories mean that a tsunami capable of producing
strong currents or waves dangerous to persons in or very near
water is imminent of expected. Significant widespread inundation
is not expected for areas in an advisory. Tsunamis are a series of
waves potentially dangerous several hours after initial arrival
time. Estimated times of initial wave arrival for selected
sites in the advisory are provided below.
Kodiak-AK        1628 akst Feb 27  Adak-AK          1642 akst Feb 27
Sand Pt.-AK      1629 akst Feb 27  Cold Bay-AK      1709 akst Feb 27
Dutch Harbor-AK  1638 akst Feb 27  Shemya-AK        1721 akst Feb 27
for arrival times at additional locations see