Author Topic: NWS Releases New Spring Flooding Outlook  (Read 1434 times)

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NWS Releases New Spring Flooding Outlook
« on: February 19, 2010, 09:27:53 PM »

JOHNSTON, Iowa -- The National Weather Service released an updated flood outlook on Friday that calls for a "high risk of significant flooding."

The report states that the flooding risk has increased since the Jan. 29 outlook was released.

"The latest flood outlook from the National Weather Service predicts a continued high risk of flooding for central Iowa rivers including the Des Moines River and the Raccoon River. From mid March through late April, the government predicts a high risk of significant flooding that has increased since its last assessment in January. The rivers highest at risk include the Des Moines, Raccoon, Iowa and Cedar river basins," said Jeff Johnson, National Weather Service meteorologist.


"The risk of flooding is much above normal at most locations," states the report. The risk is highest in the Des Moines, Raccoon, Iowa and Cedar River basins.


"The flooding is expected from mid March into late April. Flooding may occur earlier or later than this time period depending on weather activity and trends," states the report.

Ice Jams

There is also an above normal risk of flooding caused by ice jams, which could cause rapid river rises.

The report states that rapid temperature warm ups and heavy precipitation could also impact the flooding outlook.

Above Average Winter

Before Friday's snow, Iowa has seen 58.2 inches of snow this year, making it the eighth snowiest year on record. The all-time record of 72 inches was set in 1911-1912.

The flooding outlook states that values are 150 percent above normal in extreme southeast Iowa to 200 percent or more above normal across the northwest two thirds of the state.

The next flooding outlook is expected to be released on March 5.
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