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24 HR FARS not working
« on: November 18, 2009, 04:26:15 PM »
I went around the other day and FARS was not working so I took it out and clean it and put a little bit of fan bearing oil in it. I then hooked it up to a c-cell battery then it seemed to work. After hooking it back up to the solar panel it did not work at all. I did a voltage reading on the solar panel and it read 2.28 volts. I'm thinking I have a bad resistor on the circuit board. I also notice before this that the batteries were not getting a charge from the solar panel on a fresh pair batteries as the fan died after the sun went down. Can anyone enlighten me if and what kind of resistor(s) can be replaced on the circuit board. Update: I called Davis support and they said they would send a new board to me for free. That's excellent customer service.

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