Author Topic: replacing the wmr100a anemometer - single wind/temp/hygro unit  (Read 2188 times)

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It appears that the wgr800 will work as a replacement for my broken wmr100 anemometer. The wind cups and vane were broken while I was moving the WMR100A unit. OS indicates that spare parts are no longer available.

How will my WMR100A console tell the difference between the 2 anemometers since the WMR100A unit will still have batteries in it for the temperature and hygrometer sensors. Given that I use VWS, I don't think that it will because there appears to be no channel selector in VWS.

I think that having the 2 anemometers will cause problems because both will be transmitting data. I have not been able to find a method to disable the broken anemometer.

If my suspicions are true, I believe that I am looking at having to buy a whole new weather station setup. It would be either a WMR968 or WMR200.

Thanks for the comments and feedback!