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WXsoft34 new desktop app for NANOSD OWNERS
« on: November 28, 2019, 05:04:39 AM »
For 2020 a new piece software for Mac WXsoft34 :-), I hope to release in a beta format sometime in early 2020(Late Feb to Mar) and have a public version for July 2020.
This desktop app is a simple application that reads data from the NANOSD over local network , does not require to be on 24/7 it simply is an application to view data as when you want to or you can use it as a permanent display.
It does NOT make any changes to the NANOSD or performs any setting or configuration to the NANOSD itself , it simply reads data realtime and displays various charts .
If you would like to participate in the beta period please look for the request form which will be added nearer the time , at present it is 60% done and the data flow is very efficient and the application is stable. However quite a few visuals to add in but the groundwork is almost done.Would like to work with around 5-7 beta testers if possible.

Requires a Mac computer with recent Mac OS operating system of either Catalina or Mojave (High Sierra should be fine though untested at present).
Uses a simple dmg installer and has an application icon.
Free application and if able to pass all the requirements of the App Store it will be freely available to download via App Store if not will be available through the main website.
Only supports NANOSD and is really important it is not a replacement for the NANOSD configuration interface it simply reads data only.
Is a simple basic clean layout without much cpu overhead so it can run quite happily along with multiple applications perhaps you use.

demo screenshot with just the basics done so far .beta release will have additional visual display elements for barometer and better wind compass design .

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