Author Topic: 'It's awesome': OU's National Weather Center is epicenter of severe weather  (Read 733 times)

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Oklahoma is pretty much the epicenter of dangerous weather.

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That's a good article.  They do good work there.
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Oklahoma is pretty much the epicenter of dangerous weather.
At least it doesn't happen often.  My town hasn't had a tornado since 1990.   My location hasn't had a big hail storm since 2009. Hasn't had a bad ice storm since around 2003.  But then when you have had a real bad tornado like Moore, OK has had more than just once, one time is too often.

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I grew up in Okmulgee and saw my share of weather. My father had two 58 foot towers at the house. I would sit on top of one and had a clear shot to Tulsa and Oklahoma City. I could see past the curve with the binoculars he acquired from a Navy destroyer on which he went through the Canal.

I was always fascinated with storms and tornadoes until I got caught on the tower when large hail started coming down on me.

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In the documentary on Greensburg Kansas settled in 1885, the town had never experienced a tornado but got leveled by the EF-5 in 2007.  The population at the time was around 1,500. Tornado alley there is always that chance even if rare.
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I had the privilege of visiting the National Weather Center a couple of years ago. My daughter is just finishing her Masters there (not meteorology) at OU and she made arrangements for me to attend the tour. Quite interesting, I would highly recommend it if you have the chance.

You do need to make advance reservations for the tour.

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I visited greensburgh, OK, only 2 weeks after the tornado when storm chasing
the tornado could not have had more of a direct hit if it tried
it was the exact same width as the town (mile wide)
and then it fizzled out right after it had finished the town off

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I was online looking at the various radars and warnings like I always do during severe outbreaks and recall the warning wording exactly for the Greensburg tornado... "THIS IS A TORNADO EMERGENCY"... :shock: Hadn't heard that wording before, and maybe only once or twice since.

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I remember driving through there about a month after and was amazed how far you could see in all directions from the main intersection of town.  Their rebuild has been extraordinary! Before, you could not see further than a block due to all the mature trees which literally became stumps!
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Wow :shock:
That is a sobering picture.