Author Topic: Question about old weather radios before SAME technology / targeted alerts  (Read 661 times)

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I have a question for anyone who had a weather radio in the days before SAME codes and targeted alert technology was in place.

Did you just get all the alerts for your whole multi-county broadcast area since you couldn't use SAME codes to only get alerts for (for example) the county you live in?

That is how it worked, right? That would have been really annoying to have the radio go off 6 or 7 times in a few hours as Watches and Warnings are issued for surrounding counties!

I'm really glad I can filter out counties that I don't want alerts for.

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Well before my time as I was just a kid.... But Wikipedia offers some history.
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In the old days, there was only the 1050 Hz tone that would un-mute the radio and make it wake up. SAME was added later.
With the tone, if the radio could receive it, the tone would make it come on. Since the radio plays everything, you would get all alerts for any county in the reception area.

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