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[Ambient] WS-2000 or WS-8478A
« on: February 04, 2019, 02:37:17 AM »
Hey all, about to purchase our first PWS, and am currently debating between the WS-2000 and the WS-8478A. I have a couple of questions as there arent very many videos about them. I saw there was a recent thread regarding these same models, but didn't provide any useful information.

I guess my first question is how do these arrays differ? It appears the WS-8478A is the more accurate sensor with a better rain gauge and slightly more accurate temperature from 50 to 131F. But also is "less accurate" from -4 to 50F at a  2.3F, while the WS-2000 states  2.0F for all temperature readings.  It also appears that the WS-8478A lacks solar radiation.

Is the WS-8478A built better? Designed better? What is the reason for the different layout of the sensors?

Regarding the displays/consoles, I like the idea of looking at graphs on the console, and it appears the WS-8478A has that feature. In the manual, it shows bar graphs with the left hand side going from -10 to +10 for the temperature. Im not sure i like how that reads, but since i will also be uploading to WeatherUndergound and other sites, it isn't too big of a deal.

I also like these units for their expandability. What is the difference between the compatible sensors on the WS-2000 (WH31) and the WS-8478A (TX-3110B)? Is the TX-3110B also more accurate?

With the extra sensors, i assume they will be able to be viewed on the console by pressing the "channel" button on either console. My question is, which sensor will be reported to WeatherUnderground? Lets say I dont want to report the temperature sensor on the actual array, but rather use one of the expandable ones and put it in a better place for my online readings? Will the console upload whatever channel is currently selected?