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Hey there,

After struggling to find an all-in-one website that provides credible reviews and buying guides that will help users purchase a weather station I decided to go out and build my own.

If you have any feedback/suggestions for the site please let me know. Here is the url:

"Our expert team, with a passion for all things weather, spend their time testing, reviewing and comparing the latest home weather stations and accessories on the market today to provide the most comprehensive and unbiased buying guides and reviews on the Internet."

Thank you!
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Hi there guys,

I have been looking for a resource that will tell us all about different temperature/weather products with real reviews.

So many sites out there are pretty shit and are just rehashed reviews.

I found, and all to be pretty helpful.

I am still deciding which to buy, i am considering an ambient weather one. What you guys think?



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just a note.

If you are looking to put the weather station data online then make sure the model of Hardware you purchase is supported by Weather station Software.

Cumulus, CumulusMX
Weather Display

as a few that spring to mind. there are more, but you might need to choose what if any you would use if pushing data to online services and websites.
Regards Simon

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I have been looking for a resource that will tell us all about different temperature/weather products with real reviews.
Everyone has their own opinion depending on their budget, need and interest level, their ability, and certainly their own experiences. 

It is difficult to decide when you don't know yet all the things that you may want and want to do.  For serious hobbyists you can't go wrong with Davis.

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No mention of Peetís, RainBird, etc. :-(

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