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Access false rain readings
« on: December 29, 2018, 10:52:49 AM »
Is anyone else STILL getting false rain readings since moving over to Access from SH? I've had this problem since moving over to Access back in March, it was acknowledged by AcuRite that this problem is being looked into, yet absolutely nothing has been done about it. I am STILL getting false rain readings. They appear instantly out of nowhere, and it is not wind-related concerns.

I have sent yet ANOTHER inquiry to AcuRite about this. Just curious if anyone else is still having this problem. This has been an on-going problem, and it is quite annoying. Not to mention that AcuRite is fully aware of this, but noting has been done about it. This had been discussed numerous times in AcuRite's former forums, so they are most certainly fully aware of the problem.

I've about given up on this, and am ready to see what can be done to simply get my money back for the Access, and move onto a better system (yeah...I know...good luck with that). 9-10 months of a known issue and nothing being done about it is ridiculous.