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NOAA Weather Radio transition from CRS Tom To BMH Paul
« on: December 24, 2018, 01:32:03 PM »
This is not my video but it's one I found.

I just thought this was a cool moment and wanted to share- it's a recording of a NOAA Weather Radio station from June of 2016 switching from the old CRS Tom voice to the new BMH Paul voice. Personally, I much prefer Paul and think he's much more pleasant to listen to and easier to understand than Tom was.

I will copy and paste the video description here:

NOAA Weather Radio | KIH58 Switches to BMH/Paul + Last CRS cycles & First BMH cycles

"Tonight, mostly cloudy in the ev-"

For timestamps of the events in this video, see below. This video contains audio of NOAA Weather Radio station KIH58's final 10 minutes with the Console Replacement System (CRS) and Tom's voice before switching to the new Broadcast Message Handler (BMH) with Paul's voice. The transition to this new broadcasting system was locally announced just a day prior on the National Weather Service in Birmingham's Facebook page. According to BMX (the technical initials for this office), the BMH had been successfully tested on the Birmingham (KIH54) and Montgomery (KIH55) stations and was ready to be implemented on the remaining Birmingham NWR stations which still had CRS. In the final minute with CRS/Tom, both voices can be simultaneously heard (with CRS's audio being slightly stronger) before the final cut-off (literally), completing the long-awaited (but personally dreaded) switch. As an added note, this occurred about 5 minutes prior to its originally planned time.

0:00 Tom announces upcoming transition to BMH for the final time
6:41 Final General forecast with CRS
8:30 Final local observations with CRS
9:27 Transition to BMH begins
9:37 Final Hazardous Weather Outlook with CRS
10:04 Final general forecast with CRS
10:20 Transition to BMH completes
10:24 First local forecast with BMH
11:26 First Hazardous Weather Outlook with BMH
11:55 First general forecast with BMH
13:50 First announcement of time with BMH

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