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Weather station recommendation for experimental rig
« on: December 14, 2018, 02:39:04 PM »
I am looking for some recommendations on a weather station.  I am just wrapping up building a decent size experimental rig at work.  It is a vertically up fired thermal oxidizer.

Weather conditions will be important to record during the testing phase that is coming up.

Here are the items I would like to measure and record:
1) Barometric pressure.  Ideally I need the real/actual barometric pressure, not a sea level corrected pressure.  This is needed for air and gas density correction calculations.
2) Temperature (outside)
3) Absolute humidity (relative humidity will do as I can calculate the absolute humidity with the temperature (listed above)
4) Wind speed - particularly important for the experimental work
5) Wind direction - particularly important for the experimental work

The superstructure that holds up the rig is about 54' tall to the top of the handrail on the top level.  I'll be mounting the anemometer on a pole that extends above the hand rail by a few feet.  The temperature and humidity will be measured 5' to 6' above the concrete pad that the unit is built on.  I'll likely mount the temperature and humidity sensor off one of the four main I-beam posts that form the superstructure.

Location: Cleveland Ohio.  The test unit is built in a courtyard with the open end of the courtyard facing Northwest.  I don't think I'll get very good light for solar power.  We could probably get some good solar at the top of the rig, but not at the bottom.  The building has metal siding (and some windows) that face the courtyard.

My current leaning was a Davis Cabled Vantage Pro2 (6152C).  We have a cable tray between the building and the rig that I can easily run the communication cable through.  Of course, I have the structure of the rig to run the cable from the main sensor array to the anemometer.

I would like to keep a local historical log of all the weather data.  It could be as simple as a CSV file per day (with time/date stamps for each data point).  I am not as concerned with sharing the data through the web (though I would be willing to).  Reliability is important, I have other work to do and I am not looking to spend a lot of time messing around with the weather station because it is on the fritz.

Price point, I'd like to keep it under $1k.  My current planned setup includes the WeatherLinkIP (6555) and some extension cables (7876) comes in just under $700.  So, let me know if there if there is a problem with this hardware for what I want to do, if there is a better way to go, or whatever.

I appreciate your help.

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