Author Topic: Comparing and contrasting the Reecom R-1650 and the Midland WR400 weather radios  (Read 1366 times)

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I wanted to compare The Reecom R-1650:

and the Midland WR400:

Both are excellent Weather Radios and I'd recommend either of them over any other weather radio- particularly if you want one that also had an AM/FM radio.

Both are pretty easy to set up and configure (The Midland a little moreso than the Reecom). Both have AM/FM radio capability. Both feature Event Blocking. The Midland's display is easier to see (some of the Reecom's display features are really tiny) but the Reecom supports 8 AM and 8 FM station presets whereas the Midland only supports 4 AM and 4 FM.

It's not all that easy to set Preset radio stations and go to those Presets on the Reecom (the interface and button configuration is a little confusing) but it's easier to do so on the Midland.

The Reecom tells you how much time is left in the Advisory/Watch/Warning (I.E: the time until it expires) but the Midland does not. So if you need that information at a glance, get the Reecom.

It's a close call, but I would have to give the edge to the Midland model. Of note, the Midland WR400 does recognize the End Of Message (EOM) signal unlike the previous WR300 model (which was one thing that really annoyed me about the WR300) so kudos to Midland for addressing that issue. The Reecom 1650 also recognizes the EOM signal.

I had bought the Reecom model before the Midland WR400 was released (I bought the Reecom to replace the Midland WR300 which I was dissatisfied with because the WR300 ignored the EOM signal). If the Midland WR400 had been available when I needed a new radio and I'd known it recognized the EOM signal I probably would have bought it instead of the Reecom model.

Does anyone else here have both models (or even just one of the two) and care to comment about the Pros and Cons of each?
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