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Any way to get MicroSoft Internet Explorer on a Win 10 laptop? Edge isn't workin

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I recently upgraded to a new laptop, the previous running Win7 and had some problems that just wouldn't go away.

With it came Win 10, no surprise.  The problem is the current version of Internet Explorer is called Edge, and as others who've helped me recover access to my HikVision cameras, it doesn't work at all.  I want to have an IP address I type in and the thing works.  I recognize some security problems that were solved with the elimination of that functionality in FireFox, but all the work arounds and configurations and other stuff just seems unnecessary.

I wonder if there is a way to get the old version of IE that actually works with the webcomponents plug in somewhere off the MS site and install it?

Or as an alternative, there are message streams here that indicate SeaMonkey will work with the webcomponents plug in, and I'm better of just going with that?
Thx for any insight.

I did something like that. I think I right clicked on a link or program and it said "open with internet explorer". It is on your computer. Just very hidden..

Do a search for IE on your drive.

As chief-david mentioned Internet Explorer 11 is not missing in Windows 10. It just is not prominently displayed. You can search for it or you can find it in the Start menu a ways down and nested in a folder... Start / Windows Accessories / Internet Explorer. You can then pin it to the Start Menu or Taskbar if you right click on it for better prominence.

I totally get what you are saying about being able to manage your cameras. It is unfortunate that these large and industry leading IP camera manufacturers have not embraced HTML5 and new browser technology. But there is a way to use Chrome if you go to the Chrome Web Store and install an Extension called IE Tab. It gives you a little "e" icon on the Chrome toolbar that will launch an Internet Explorer tab inside of Chrome. I use this to sign in to my IP camera's and NVR. Much better than launching a separate antiquated slow and security holes laden browser.

Microsoft almost decided to remove Internet Explorer completely from Windows 10. But they realized that for backward compatibility it would not be a good move. So they left it in and buried it. The new browser Edge is nice and completely new from the ground up with no legacy code baggage. It's fast and compliant to new standards. If only websites and device manufacturers invested in upgrading their stuff, everything would be fine without Internet Explorer.

If you click on your Windows button, scroll down to Windows Accessories section.  Open that and you'll see Internet Explorer.  Drag that to your desktop.

If you click on the Windows button again, click on the gear icon on the left.  Go into the Apps Section.  Then Default Apps on the left.  Change the Web Browser section to Internet Explorer as your default.

Just for giggles, you might try other media players like VLC.


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