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My Cam is currently on Wunderground.
They give you URL in order to publish your cam on other websites.
I copied the link into my Weather Cloud account but nothing appears. Anyone else tried this?Could this be a time related issue?
Any ideas / help appreciated
Station on Weather Cloud is Sherman 11

Which WeatherCloud plan are you on? Free, Pro, or Business?

I'm on the Free plan and I don't see any way to link a webcam.
I figured it out see next post.

Free, just signed up when I got my WS-2902A.
Settings/Edit Gallery. It gives you the option for up to 5 pictures and 5 webcam links

UPDATE: I was able to just now add a webcam ...I had never bothered before. Worked instantly.
I used my own URL and also used Weather Underground direct link...both worked.

* Go to Devices
* Settings Drop down for station
* Select Edit Gallery
* Add Webcams link
* Enter in URL for camera http or https address (FTP does not work, it must be a published website)
* Save

Thanks for trying that out. I guess you took the link that Wu gives you when you view your own cam?
Thatís what I did, but no joy.
Iíll hack around a bit, I must be doing something wrong if it works for you.
Thanks again


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