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Some tips for cleaning out the outdoor sensor array on the WS-2902A Osprey. This is the same outdoor sensor array on a few models; WS-2902A, WS-2000, WS-1550-IP, WS-1900.

This is a check list for every 3 months
  • Disconnect power to your console (and/or ObserverIP) before inspecting and cleaning - prevents false readings
  • Yes you should worry about dirt and debris even if you have no trees
  • Consider adding bird spike DIY solution if you find evidence of bird droppings.*
  • If you think you can clean it without disconnecting the console don't blow into the rain tipper as that will cause it to tip
  • Don't use any cleaning fluids as that could cause the plastic to dry. Just use damp paper towel or thin cleaning rag
  • Check for spider webs inside and outside of the sensor array.
  • If you have a bad insect problem the manual states that it is okay to do a quick spray of insecticide
  • Ensure that your bubble level is still indicating that it is level
  • Check battery compartment, inspect for leaks and test and replace batteries if needed, red light underneath should blink every few seconds.
  • Replace batteries every 1 or 2 years to prevent leaks. Use Lithium AA batteries for better extreme temperature performance. Don't use rechargeable.
  • Test that anemometer and wind vane spin freely
  • Check mounting hardware for tightness and rust
  • Make sure unit is still properly pointing north
  • Don't forget to give the rain funnel a turn so that it doesn't fly doesn't lock but just turn it
  • Wipe radiation sensor
  • Wipe solar panel
  • Wipe radiation shield and inspect for bugs and insect stuff
  • The manual states to spray the top of the sensor array with anti-icing silicon spray to prevent snow build up. I'm not doing that...I live in Florida.

*If you do find bird droppings please let us know in the following thread.

I was not expecting to find any dirt in my rain tipper. What a surprise to find dirt in there with no tree around. I guess the wind and rain must bring down dirt. I brought a small screw driver to hold under the tipper while I cleaned it and I decided to leave the console powered. Then when I was done I decided to blow into around the tipper to see if any spiders or insects were hiding in there...and to my surprised the tipper did a full don't do that. Disconnect the console.

Here are some photos of the dirt (and a dead bug) and where I found spider web under the array. My station has been up and running for 3 months. The recommended maintenance is for every 3 months.
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Dirt even with no trees around...and a dead bug. 3 Months in service. (No bird droppings...yet...fingers crossed).

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Spider web under the sensor array between the pole and the radiation shield.
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