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cannot get email 2 to work
« on: September 01, 2018, 04:10:04 AM »
Hi Brian, i cannot for the life of me get email number 2 to work, its exact same as number one but with 1 email addy to send to and the custom message is different, thing is, when i click preview, in the html box the preview is the same as number one email custom message. The main concern for for now is getting it to send, there is nothing int he program error log with regards to it. Also nothing in ftplogfull, when i put the email i want it to go to in to  setup 1 (main setup) it works fine and it shows in ftplogfull, just not setup 2, any thoughts please?

PS, i have tried it with just one single time to send and i still does not do anything and and nothing in the log

Just trying it out on setup 1 and it turns out it does not actually use customweatherreport2 only customweatherreport thats  with customweatherreport2 ticked

Just to summarize

Email setup 1 does not use customweatherreport2
Email setup 2 does not send and still uses customweatherreport 
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