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Re: Uninformed Newb looking for advice and recommendations
« Reply #25 on: August 19, 2019, 09:53:48 PM »
I purchased a weather flow smart weather station and love it. Wind updates are practically up with Davis at 3 sec updates.

Love how you also get average wind direction and wind speed.

Had 3 lots of rain and rain is in line with all the other stations around me and my ecowitt wh900c or ambient ws 2029c clone.

I found my Davis vue under reported rain and my ecowitt over reports and my weather flow is a little under my ecowitt and much nearer offical rain levels.

Love how wind in quick to react and is also In line with other stations around me in underground weather.

My temp is within a degree of my ecowitt and offical temp, getting an ambient solar shield to put my air in.

But overall impressed with my weather flow.

Have dropped it down to 9 feet,? At 14 feet getting pole wobble causing false rain reports, seems sensitive to wobble.

Also love the fact the first few drops it says rain, unlike everything is totally wet before the rain bucket says its raining
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