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Old blue sky WL1 interface URL
« on: July 07, 2018, 11:44:05 AM »
I can see this in johnd's blog:

The existing blue-sky web page (accessed via an ‘old Weatherlink’ link) will remain available probably until the end of June 2018 and then for a further transition period, yet to be advised, but will be turned off thereafter. So, for better or for worse (though it’s not obvious why there would be anything other than upside) all users will need to switch to the 2.0 presentation by e.g. the end of 2018;

The "API" email that they sent out gave me the impression that the old page will go away soon, but hasn't so far.

I already migrated our local Marina to WL2. I had to help change the link to the new embedded version that was part of the Marina webcam interface that has a number of URLs at the bottom of the cam image. It is all fixed now and working well.

I sent Davis support an email asking if there is any plan to redirect URL queries using the previous "blue sky" URL to the new WL2 one, but I haven't heard back yet. This will "break" a number of links on websites that used the old V1 version links, as it did for this camera.

When WL1 "goes dark", what will happen if the prior URL is used? Just a "not found" error? Blue Sky with expired "red" data? That is what happens currently.

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Re: Old blue sky WL1 interface URL
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2018, 12:39:34 PM »
When WL1 "goes dark", what will happen if the prior URL is used? Just a "not found" error?

Probably, but there's no official word that I've seen from Davis as yet. As you may have noticed, the Q2 deadline for migrating accounts to 2.0 has come and gone, and I suspect that the scale and preparations for the migration have ended up being a little more complicated than expected.

If I had to guess, I'd suggest that the 1.0 interface might last until the turn of the year and just result in a 404 error (or maybe some custom error page) after that - at least in part because inclusion of the necessary URL token probably won't be automated. AFAIK anyone that migrates voluntarily to 2.0 will automatically lose the 1.0 interface - the data uploads only feed one of the two platforms to the best of my knowledge.

But I do also suspect that things will become clearer in the next few weeks - Davis will probably will keen not to run too far past the Q2 deadline.
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