Author Topic: Where to buy Ambient Weather WS-2902A ... or is this MiSol the same thing?  (Read 1591 times)

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I'm looking for something to replace my WMR100.

Ambient Weather WS-2902A seems like the ticket.

But I can't find a European supplier or someone who would ship to Europe (Finland) at reasonable cost?

I came accross this Misol thing that looks exactly the same.

Anyone know what is the difference?

I read from somewhere that Misol is Ambient Weather clone ... how accurate clone?

Is it firmware compatible?

I read it uses 433 MHz instead of 900 MHz whic AW uses ... or so the story read...

wbr Kusti

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That Misol is the same thing as the Ambient Weather WS-2902A. They are both clones of Fine Offset WH2900. Firmware will be maintained by each supplier separately. One difference is that the Ambient Weather version includes upload to Ambient's private cloud. Not sure if the Misol has a separate private cloud. They  both will upload to Weather Underground.

You wouldn't want the Ambient version if you are in Europe because you might have problems (interference) with it as it is configured to run on 915 MHz instead of 433 MHz. Not to mention it would probably be breaking some kind of broadcasting law so you could be the one causing interference to other services in your country. The frequency is set at the factory which is why nobody will sell and ship across the big pond.

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Thanks for the info. Brilliant! I 've actually ordered the Misol and waiting for delivery.

wbr Kusti

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Re: Where to buy Ambient Weather WS-2902A ... or is this MiSol the same thing?
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2018, 06:45:14 AM »
Hi nyolku, did the Misol turn out okay please? Looking at getting one too. Thanks.