Author Topic: Weather Underground not updating as frequent via 1.10  (Read 199 times)

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I have been uploading my weather data to Weather Underground Since Christmas of 2016.
And since around the month of March after trying to upload weather data to WU
via weatherlink 6.0.3 (which did not work like i wanted it to.) So i switched back to using 1.10.
It now only updates every 24 minutes instead of every 15 minutes. I have reentered my WU username and password
multiple times in 1.10 to no avail. I have deleted the expansion modules after i found out they
were not working for me. I have uninstalled weatherlink and reinstalled it once or twice, nothing. Is there a solution for this?
I send my weather data to CWOP every minute directly through weather link 6.0.3. So this problem is not affecting CWOP data uploading at all.
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