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Earth Networks and Home Automation Platforms
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:25:13 PM »
Hi everyone,

A while back, there's been discussions on WxForum concerning getting WeatherBug Backyard data into Home Automation platforms. Earth Networks has asked me to reach back out to the weather community concerning Home Automation platforms and getting Earth Networks data into them.

Now that we're beginning to wrap up the WeatherBug transition to GroundTruth (there's still some additional stuff we need to transition over to them but we're getting there), we're beginning to double-down as a weather data provider to other organizations and work on getting our weather data feeds into as many partner providers as possible.

Our "WeatherBug Home" product has been re-branded Connected Savings and is now managed by Whisker Labs (which used to be a subsidiary of Earth Networks but is being spun off into a separate company). More info concerning that is at and

We'd like to know specifically which Home Automation platforms we could reach out to in order to offer support for Earth Networks data, which datasets they'd need from us, and some possible use cases of the weather data so we can present a solid sales case to them.

Thanks a bunch and we'd love to really expand in this area!
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