Author Topic: Rapid Fire being blocked by NORTON?  (Read 1055 times)

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Rapid Fire being blocked by NORTON?
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:06:43 PM »
My vws v 15.0 software was working well for years, sending rapid-fire info to Weather Underground every two seconds.  VWS runs on a dedicated computer (Compaq EVO D510) and has done so for five years or more.  (Not that it matters, but the weather station hardware is Davis Vantage Pro 2 Wireless.)   

I recently had a serious virus issue with a couple other computers on my network (I have a total of 6), and so I reviewed and updated my virus protection on each.  Turns out that I never had virus protection on the Compaq EVO system running vws.  My ISP Comcast supplies NORTON Security Suite, so I loaded that.  Everything seemed fine, and all apps were running.  But since then (November 6th), the only thing that is screwy is that my rapid fire data is not getting through to Weather Underground.

I have done everything I can think of in the Norton software to allow TCP/UDP traffic through in both directions, but I still cannot get the rapid fire data through.  I even disabled the entire Norton Firewall / Virus protection for 1 hour (using tools available within the Norton suite) but that didn't seem to help.   Next step will be to completely uninstall it, but that seems a bit radical.

Any thoughts (or better still, solutions) appreciated.