Author Topic: How many varieties of Mark III stations are there, and other questions  (Read 1359 times)

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I know Ralph sometimes frequents here, too, but maybe one of the other members know.

There is a listing for a Mark III, LR unit on eBay with a somewhat curious description.  It is an LR, and the back of the Oracle display is a poor picture, but the big yellow oval sticker is there.

In the description is this curious statement:  " The sensor unit could likely be repaired, but this 2.4 GHz model has been discontinued, and the only factory option is a 25% upgrade discount to a current model."

I know of really two versions, the 418 MHz (non-LR) and the LR.  Any of the receivers and Oracles I've ever bought will work with any LR transmitter (if switched to the correct one of four 'channels') but obviously the 418 won't with an LR.  Even plugging in a 418 display to a LR receiver won't work, there is a chip that can be replaced to do so and the one time I did convert one of them, it was like $100 for the chip if I recall.

Has anyone found two different kinds of LRs?

So that frequency problem aside, what is with the statement that the 2.4 GHz model (I take this to mean all LRs) is being discontinued.  I thought the 418s were.

If the LR ones are also being discontinued, what frequency range will future stations us?  Or did the guy selling this unit mis-speak?

Just curious.  Dale

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Re: How many varieties of Mark III stations are there, and other questions
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Hi Dale

I think the person running the ebay ad 'mis-spoke'.  In one hand he/she appears to know something about the Rainwise products, however I've not heard anything about their MKIII (LR or regular) being discontinued. 

I actually asked this question to the folks at Rainwise a few years ago and was told that they will continue to make and support the Non-LR model.  The Non-LR displays can be modified for about $100 each.  That price was the quote a few years ago.