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BloomSky & Wunderground; do I have to use the BloomSky weather data?

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I have a Davis Vantage Vue set up and reporting to Wunderground as a PWS. I'd like to add a weathercam, but I need something that is both wireless and solar. BloomSky seems like a good way to easily do that (maybe someone can correct me on that or give me different suggestions too, it'd be appreciated. I'm a little worried that other all in ones won't be able to 'report' to Wunderground and may be 'trapped' in their own apps, perhaps I'm totally wrong about that).

Can I add the BloomSky as just a webcam to my Davis Vantage Vue's weather underground PWS page? I don't want the temperature & other data to override the Vantage Vue.

I know that's rather odd, but I don't really see very many one piece solar & wireless weather cams out there.

Do you already have your Bloomsky uploading under a different PWS name?  Is that picture updating?

If so, you can right click on the picture on WU pages, get the image location.  Then you go in and add in a second camera and point it to WU's own picture location with URL.  Then attach it to your Davis station.

That's what I was able to do.  I do notice the Davis cam page will be a picture behind the Bloomsky for some reason.  But good enough for me.

My Davis Station:
Bloomsky Image location for me was:

I don't have a Bloomsky, I'm trying to decide what webcam to get. It sounds like it works for you. At worst I'd have to add the bloomsky first as it's own weather station, which might not be the worst idea anyway, since it is measuring that data.

Yeah, that's basically why I added a Bloomsky.  Didn't care too much about the data.  But for my house, it was a quick and simple way to get a camera in the backyard and not have to worry about power or network wiring.  Mine is close enough to the router that it's worked fine.

It's only pictures every 10 minutes.  But for now, that's good enough for me.  Plus, I do like the extra wide angle of the pictures.

Personally I would go with a real webcam instead of Bloomsky. I had one of the first ones but it died and they replaced it. The second unit died after about 3 months.
I don't know about the quality of the cams they are putting out today though. The could be a lot better.
Just my 2 cents


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