Author Topic: No sensor on sensors page (Belfryboy Clone Datalogger + Meteohub + Davis Pro 2)  (Read 395 times)

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I had a Davis Vantage Vue connected to a Belfryboy Clone Datalogger and running with Meteobridge. Everything was working fine and I switched the Davis Vantage Vue for a Davis Pro 2 6162. I also decided to change the server, so I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and installed Meteohub. So, my setup now is a Davis Vantage Pro 2 6162 + Belfryboy Clone Datalogger + Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + Meteohub.

The problem is that Meteohub "see" a station conected, I add the station, but in sensors page no sensor is shown. What can be the problem?

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I just replied to your identical email. Please share log file with us. Must be something with the logger, might have hung-up and needs power cycle... guessing ;-)
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