Author Topic: So, maybe it really is 3 degrees warmer on the East side of my house.  (Read 494 times)

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I have two weather stations in service at my home.  My main station is the Rainwise Mk III.  I have the wind extention kit so the anemometer is up at the peak of the roof.  The main sensor array is bolted to a Northeast eve of the house, but the addition sticks out beyond that.  About 6 months ago I added a Bloomsky Sky2 and Storm in the driveway circle garden on the West side of the house.  It is certainly more of a novelty and I don't trust it's data nearly as much as I do the Rainwise.  For instance, the rain gauge is usually way off from my other 3 (two RW and a Cocorahs).  However, it tracks temperature pretty well.  On cloudy days it is typically within a degree of the RW.  I have been distressed to note that on sunny days the RW reads 3-4 degrees higher than the Sky2.  I attributed this to a poor design of the solar shield on the RW, or maybe more accurately described as inadequate. 

Fast forward to today.  We have window fans that display the temperature in the East and West windows of the master bedroom.  I just went upstairs and what do I see?  The fan in the East window shows 80*, the fan in the West window reads 77*.

 So I guess it's not so much a problem with the Rainwise, as it is finding a location less prone to heating up in the morning sun.
 Once out new sunroom is completed I will be able to move the RW sensor array further from the East facing wall.  I hope that helps. 
Interestingly, not only does the RW record higher temps during the day, it also drops lower than the Sky2 at night.

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I have two Bloomsky SKy units. each one looks at a different direction and are within 10 feet of each other. Right now my Davis VP2  shows 86.6F. One unit shows 89F and the other 92F.  All of the sensors are within 10 feet.  Who to believe?  I go with the Davis. I'd do the same with your Rainwise unit.     The humidity is also way off range and they are over the same soil, all 5 feet off the ground, same side of the house.

The other side of the house could be warmer as well.
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5C degrees diff from lake to road - 140 feet.