Author Topic: Fixed old thermo/hygro that was way off  (Read 410 times)

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Fixed old thermo/hygro that was way off
« on: June 26, 2017, 04:02:27 PM »
I have a tower thermo/hygro from around 2009 that was 3 F high on temp and way low in the day on humidity. I used the soldering iron to redo the connections, and now my sensor is accurate again. If you have old sensors that have died, or are off, try heating up the humidity and other solder and see if they don't come back to normal.

IF anyone tries this on a broken sensor let me know if it worked... You can get a soldering iron for $3 at Harbors Freight.

Outdoor #6 is the repaired sensor...

Code: [Select]
SensorSignalMetric DataImperial Data
 Outdoor #1 33.8C 43% (dew 19.5C, heat 35.9C)92.8F 43% (dew 67.1F, heat 96.6F)
 Wind #153 sec0.0m/s (avg 0.4m/s) 0 N0.0mph (avg 0.9mph) 0 N
 Indoor6 sec1016.8hPa (1016.3hPa)30.03inHg (30.01inHg)
 Outdoor #5 30.0C 45% (dew 16.8C, heat 30.3C)86.0F 45% (dew 62.2F, heat 86.6F)
 Rain1 minrate 0.0mm/hrate 0.00in/h
 Outdoor #6 29.7C 41% (dew 15.0C, heat 29.5C)85.5F 41% (dew 59.0F, heat 85.0F)
 Outdoor 30.1C 46% (dew 17.2C, heat 30.6C)86.2F 46% (dew 63.0F, heat 87.1F)
 Wind 1.3m/s (avg 0.5m/s) 203 SSW2.9mph (avg 1.1mph) 203 SSW
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