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Re: Talk me into a WS-2000
« Reply #75 on: February 06, 2019, 02:45:41 PM »
Okay, sorry for my stupid questions, but am more curious than embarrassed. You have data coming from your VP2 into your house to some kind of bridge to send packets directly to HostGator whereon you have this sweet looking W34 template display - is that close to the data flow path/ process? or does weewx get churned into the picture somehow or another?

Very nice. Sorry to hear the WS-2000 didn't work out. Seems like you may have been just outside the Ambient threshold for reception/interference range.

What system are you using to host the template?
I have a HostGator acct
Not exactly. Data comes from VP2 to VP2 console which then runs through data logger to my computer (via USB). Data is captured using Weather Display software on computer then uploads to my hostgator account. The software has a W34 module such that it can take the uploaded data and present it in the pretty template you see. I learned a lot in the last week about php scripts and such to get it all working. I got a lot of help from the template designers over at I wasn't sure I could do it, as I'm not that tech savy when it comes to more advanced website creation, but it really wasn't that hard. My main site is From there you can load the template console as shown in the pic I attached earlier. 

As far as the Fire tablet, I just load my own website on it in a browser and stretch the template to fill the screen. It auto-refreshes every minute.
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Re: Talk me into a WS-2000
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Here is another explanation with more options...
The console is sending weather data to some weather software device/system on the local network. This could be WeeWx or Weather-Display or a Meteobridge...etc. Then that device has a template populating service running in this case W34's template and it sends the weather data to a personal website on the Internet. That personal website is just a normal web sever that has been configured to receive the template data. There are several of these weather templates available; W34, Meteotemplate, Saratoga, and Leuven are a few popular ones also, and there are others. These templates run on many different weather software applications. Where you host your personal website doesn't really matter. Most people buy a domain name and set up hosting with some web hosting company that they like. You can even host your own web server if your ISP allows the port 80 web browser port, does require static IP or dynamic DNS service, or you can put your web server on a non-standard port that only you know for personal use.
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Re: Talk me into a WS-2000
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After 25 years of maintaining multiple websites on various hosting servers, coincident with my retirement was the decision to not renew my contract with my last host,, who provided fine service, I just wanted off the merry-go-round. I also recently allowed my last domain ( to expire; a natural death. So now, hmm... maybe I'll think small, and just look at my little RPi :)