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AWOS3P coding for local airport on FAA website


I regularly check the local airport weather station either by the web or via the 118.125MHz signal.

I was wondering what it takes to have precipitation added to this station. According to the info at AirNav, it is an ASOS-3. According to the FAA, it is an ASOS3P implying that it should include precipitation. It does have a precipitation type sensor, but no amounts. See Does the precipitation type give it the "P" suffix?

I see other info indicating that ASOS stations have the precipitation gauges (older was heated TBR, now weighing).

Are precipitation gauges uncommon for these stations?

Greg H.

Doesn't look like it has an operating rain gauge. If you check yearly data it says not available.

Your CWOP station:

MesoWest verifies station doesn't have any rain gauge. Toward bottom are station sensors, not sure why.


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