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Re: WEATHER34 TEMPLATE with meteobridge options
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Yes, if you install the template using 'git clone', then you can use 'git pull' to get the updates seamlessly.

I hope the Meteobridge git distribution also handles initial install and has a .gitignore setting to avoid clobbering your settings1.php file on updates (the CU-HWS distribution I host does that :) )

Keep in mind that the various versions of HWS are diverging and parts that work in one distribution won't necessarily work in another due to the tight combining of weather software type and template base.   The CU-HWS supports Cumulus/CumulusMX (and WeeWX, WeatherCat with appropriate realtime.txt generator templates).

hello Ken

it is good to see your adding your own touches that was the whole idea and was very happy when you offered to maintain it , others who use it will reap the benefit knowing that the ideas are from trusted source..

Lightmaster Im not an expert more of a complete outright novice when it comes to Github and I find it hard work or just plain boring learning new methods
, i personally use a piece of software called Coda for mac it interacts directly to my website when i connect through it so i can update as i edit ,ive used that for a few years but its not free but has all the options of working php/css/jquery you would ever need and continuously gets newer plugins as the months go bye...

for the meteobridge version have a really nice guy taking over has good background in code and design professionally he basically will just
carry on as normal and apply fixes,updates ,enhancements once he his ready the main info page will reflect that .The release this afternoon is going to be the same version there on, it has been stripped and cleaned and reduced considerably in size a lot of painstaking hours went into hopefully getting it as good as it can be.. as for me I have had enough personally and I guess it is called writers block and failing eyesight :-) guess age catches up eventually....

so Ken look forward to see how it pans out perhaps add 12+4 modules :-)

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