Author Topic: WEATHER34 TEMPLATE with meteobridge options  (Read 32196 times)

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Re: WEATHER34 TEMPLATE with meteobridge options
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Hello Everyone, finally I managed to properly install the dashboard weather 34 on my nano SD (via Altervista) Now I have only one problem, I do not update the weather forecast of the next 3 days and current conditions. I entered the field both the key API and the name of my station weatherunderground but I do not have the exact current conditions (the temperature in F even if I want it in C) and then, as I said before, are not updated as time...
I Enclose an image to make you account for my problem... Thank you

Alright, figured it out, in your Meteobridge, you need to set a http request to run every 15 mins. Have it call the url

Also, make sure you have a http request set for 23:45 that calls the addtoyear.php for your url and another set for midnight that calls the empty.php like in the picture below.

ok, thanks I'il Try later... [tup]

edit: thanks, I solved .. now everything works for the best ..
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