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Re: Goldstar Stations
« Reply #325 on: February 02, 2018, 04:56:27 PM »
My PWS (KILWHEAT17) Goldstar “award” comes and goes for no apparent reason. It will be there one day and not the next. And, it can be there one hour and an hour later be gone, and an hour later it can mysteriously return. As stated by several of us previously in this thread, the concept of the WU Goldstar is truely a joke. And WU’s latest admission to issues it has but is trying to correct, doesn’t addresss this issue, but in the grand scheme of things that WU should be addressing, the Goldstar concept is probably low on its problems list!
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Re: Goldstar Stations
« Reply #326 on: February 02, 2018, 05:04:55 PM »
At least they've quit jacking with my pressure, it's been right ever since I whined about it when the "fixers" showed up. :shock: