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Lately, there have been a few new member registrations to the forum that have had incorrect/not-working email addresses.
Since our registration process requires a new member to click on a link in a validation email, they never receive the email and so cannot be validated. 

If the validation message bounces due to 'user unknown' or 'mailbox full/disabled', I will delete the registration (since validation cannot happen).

If the validation message bounces due to the outgoing mail server for our site being temporarily on a spam blacklist (yes, it happens, but not because of our actions), then I will wait a day or two, and send a validation reminder.  This most often happens to the following domains:


The above use blacklist listings which are fairly hair-trigger but resolve naturally in a couple of days.

And seldom happens to *, *@outlook/, *

So, if after registering, you DON'T receive a validation message immediately, check your junk mail folder, and if not there, wait a day or two to see if one arrives.  If you misspell your email address, you will not be able to successfully complete registration and activation --- your registration will be deleted.   Questions: use the Contact form to send me a message.

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